"Rowoon's Emotional Departure from SF9" 

Rowoon, a member of SF9 for nearly seven years, says goodbye to the group to pursue solo activities and acting. 

"FNC Entertainment's Statement" 

SF9's agency, FNC Entertainment, announces the departure of Rowoon and the group's future plans. 

"Rowoon's Heartfelt Letter to Fans" 

Rowoon writes a heartfelt letter to his fans, apologizing for any misunderstandings and expressing gratitude for their support. 

"Rowoon's Journey with SF9" 

Rowoon's career with SF9 and his transition into acting, showcasing his versatility. 

"Renewal of SF9 Contracts" 

FNC Entertainment announces that all SF9 members have renewed their contracts except for Rowoon. 

"Rowoon's Focus on Acting" 

Rowoon's decision to focus on acting and his journey as a prominent actor in various dramas. 

"Rowoon's Rising Stardom" 

Rowoon's popularity soars with his role in the hit drama 'Destined With You.' 

"SF9 Continues as an Eight-Member Group" 

SF9 continues its journey as an eight-member group, embarking on new adventures. 

"Rowoon's Gratitude" 

Rowoon expresses his gratitude to fans and shares his determination to face new challenges at the age of 27. 

"Rowoon's Legacy" 

Rowoon's legacy as a member of SF9 and his promising future as an actor and individual artist.