Mysterious Non-Human "Alien Corpses" Unveiled 

In an unprecedented event, Mexico Congress hosts an extraordinary presentation of alleged 1,000-year-old alien bodies. 

The Unearthly Discovery 

UFO expert Jaime Maussan reveals two non-human bodies with unique features found in a Peruvian mine. 

Genetic Mystery Unveiled 

DNA tests show a 30% genetic difference between the alien corpses and humans, confirmed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. 

Alien-Like Characteristics 

The bodies exhibit unusual traits, including three-fingered hands, elongated skulls, retractable necks, and lightweight bones. 

Extraterrestrial Implants 

One of the beings carries eggs with embryos and implants made of rare metals, cadmium and osmium. 

Jaime Maussan's Statement 

Speaking under oath, Maussan suggests these beings "should rewrite history" and may have lived alongside humans. 

High-Profile Audience 

The presentation at the Mexican Congress attracts notable figures, including former US Navy director Ryan Graves. 

Maussan's Track Record 

This isn't Maussan's first "alien" discovery; in 2015, he presented a mummified body near the Nazca Lines in Peru. 

A Global Phenomenon 

Videos showcasing UFOs and anomalous phenomena stun viewers, sparking curiosity and debate worldwide. 

Embracing the Unknown 

Jaime Maussan encourages humanity to acknowledge the existence of non-human entities and their advanced technology.