Maren Morris Leaves Country Music Behind 

Maren Morris, the Grammy-winning singer, takes a courageous step away from country music, citing a growing divide within the genre and her desire to create more inclusive and progressive music. 

Maren Morris Drops The Bridge EP 

On September 15th, Maren released her double-track EP, "The Bridge," signifying her transition from Sony Nashville to Columbia Records. The EP is produced by pop hitmakers Greg Kurstin and Jack Antonoff. 

Maren Morris's Provocative "The Tree" Video 

Maren's video for the song "The Tree" is filled with symbolism, as she walks away from a decaying small town while it burns, sending a powerful message about her departure from country music. 

Maren's Message to the Country Music Industry 

Maren Morris takes a stand against the biases she's witnessed in the country music industry, particularly during the Trump years, where she saw a troubling alignment with divisive values. 

Maren Morris's Advocacy for Inclusivity 

Maren has been a vocal advocate for diversity, inclusion, and progress within country music, supporting artists from marginalized communities and challenging anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. 

Maren's Song About Self-Discovery 

Maren's track "Get the Hell Out of Here" reflects her journey of self-discovery and choosing happiness while disarming past traumas. 

Stepping Back for a Brighter Future 

Maren reflects on her decision to step back from the parts of the country music industry that no longer make her happy and her hope for a more enlightened future. 

Maren's Evolving Approach to Music 

Maren shares how she's shifting her focus towards making good music and avoiding the drama within the country music community. 

Maren Morris on the Power of Music 

Maren discusses her belief that music should be a voice for the oppressed, not a weapon in culture wars, and the importance of scrutinizing a popular genre for progress. 

Embracing a New Chapter 

Maren Morris's music expresses a thread of hope as she embarks on a new chapter in her career, hoping that others will join her on the journey to a more inclusive and enlightened music industry.