"Anantnag Encounter: Northern Army Chief's Ongoing Operation Review" 

In the heart of Kokernag, Anantnag, a tense encounter unfolds, lasting four days. Northern Army Chief, Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, arrives to take charge. 

"Strategic Instructions from the Northern Army Commander" 

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi provides crucial instructions to the officers, emphasizing the significance of the Kokernag encounter. 

"Technological Advances in the Encounter" 

High-tech equipment, including drones and helicopters, play a vital role in tracking and neutralizing terrorists in the dense Kokernag forests. 

"Drone Footage Unveils Terrorist Activity" 

A drone captures a video showing terrorists fleeing amidst gunfire, providing valuable intelligence for the security forces. 

"Echoes of Firing Resonate in Kokernag Hills" 

The hills of Kokernag reverberate with heavy firing as the encounter continues, making it challenging for security forces to track down terrorists. 

"Challenges in the Kokernag Terrain" 

The unique geographical terrain of Kokernag, with interconnected mountains and forests, poses a challenge for security forces pursuing terrorists. 

"Successful Drone Strikes on Terrorist Hideouts" 

Drones play a pivotal role in pinpointing and targeting terrorist hideouts, leading to the destruction of several key locations. 

"Continuous Monitoring by Security Forces" 

Security forces employ advanced technology, including drones and high-tech equipment, to monitor and engage with terrorists in the Kokernag area. 

"Rain Hampers Operation, But the Fight Persists" 

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the encounter continues in Kokernag, with security forces maintaining relentless pressure on the terrorists. 

"Northern Army Commander's High-Intensity Review" 

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi reviews the ongoing operations in the dense Kokernag forest area of Anantnag, emphasizing the commitment to eliminate terrorists and restore peace.