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“Anantnag Encounter 2023: Northern Army Chief Visit, Drone Footage, and Ongoing Kokernag Operation”

September 16, 2023 | by dailynews101.com


“Delayed Stalemate: Northern Armed force Officer Assumes responsibility in Kokarnag Experience”

The beautiful scenes of Kokernag in Anantnag locale, South Kashmir, have been grasped by a steady experience that has entered its fourth day. The resolute assurance of the police and security powers is on full showcase as they explore the difficult territory of thick timberlands and transcending mountains. Driving the charge is the recognized Northern Armed force Boss, Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, who showed up in Anantnag determined to stop the Kokarnag experience. His presence on the ground flagged the earnestness of the activity, with the general giving basic directions to his officials to guarantee the wellbeing and productivity of the mission.

In an extensive preparation, authorities uncovered urgent data about the Kokarnag experience, offering bits of knowledge into the specialized gear being utilized and the continuous terminating trades. Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the Northern Armed force Authority, effectively audited the situation with the activity occurring in the Kokernag woods area of Anantnag. The Military’s Northern Order took to virtual entertainment to share refreshes on this high-stakes activity.

The activity, presently in its fourth day, has not been without its difficulties. The presence of regular caverns in the locale, thought to conceal spots for fear mongers, has muddled the security powers’ endeavors. To counter this, they have sent a wide exhibit of current hardware, including robots, helicopters, and other trend setting innovation, bringing about the obliteration of various fear monger safe-houses.

Late improvements have revealed insight into the force of the activity. A video displaying a robot’s point of view arose on Friday, uncovering sensational firefight scenes between security powers and psychological oppressors. The robot catches the fear based oppressors’ endeavors to escape really weighty fire, exhibiting the urgent job of helicopters and present day gear in these tasks.

Regardless of their accuracy and procedure, security powers face a frightful doubt – the chance of fear mongers bringing fire back. The sound of slugs conveys for kilometers, making it challenging to pinpoint the psychological militants’ area. Kokarnag’s interesting geological elements, with interconnected mountains and woods, offer the psychological militants a benefit, empowering them to get away to new areas after each experience.

By the by, the security powers have accomplished remarkable triumphs. They have affirmed the end of one fear monger, their body distinguished through drone innovation. As the activity enters its fourth day, security powers proceed with their tenacious interest. Drones are currently used for designated besieging on psychological militants hid in the woods.

Notwithstanding Kokarnag, different pieces of the district have seen extraordinary experiences. In Baramulla, security powers effectively killed three psychological oppressors in the Uri region, with the recuperation of two bodies. In any case, the closeness of the third fear monger’s area to a Pakistani post has prompted persistent terminating from across the line. The characters of every one of the three psychological oppressors have been laid out. In Kishtwar, the police have gone to proactive lengths by posting sees on houses where people are thought to have gone through psychological oppressor preparing in Pakistan-involved Kashmir (PoK).

Testing weather patterns in Kokernag, set apart by persistent precipitation, have added one more layer of intricacy to the activity. In spite of these obstacles, Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the Northern Armed force Authority, stays nearby, checking the activity’s status and getting refreshes from ground administrators.

The fighters of the 15 Corps play had a crucial impact in this activity, using drones broadly for reconnaissance and designated terminating on the psychological oppressors dug in the Kokernag region. Their persistence and accuracy have enormously added to the activity’s advancement.

The slopes of Kokarnag resound with gunfire as security powers push on in their central goal to annihilate psychological warfare. Terminating from drones has demonstrated powerful, with bombs dropped on thought fear monger safe-houses in the Forster region. Administering this high-stakes activity is Chinar Corps Administrator, Lieutenant General Rajiv Ghai.

While there were snapshots of relative quiet at the experience site during the morning hours, inconsistent hints of projectiles and blasts act as a consistent wake up call of the continuous fight against illegal intimidation. Notwithstanding the tenacious downpour, the activity in Kokernag stays going full speed ahead.

Security powers have enclosed the fear mongers from all bearings, increasing their endeavors with the organization of rocket launchers. Broad cordon and search tasks intend to completely dispose of the psychological militant presence.

The activity’s intricacy comes from the bumpy territory and thick backwoods of Anantnag, which give concealing spots to the fear based oppressors. Helicopters and robots are fundamental devices in this undertaking, supporting the ID and disposal of psychological oppressors concealing in these rough scenes.

Kashmir’s Extra Chief General of Police (ADGP) has affirmed the presence of 2-3 psychological militants in Kokarnag, promising their disposal. Security powers have annihilated the psychological militants’ concealing spots through accuracy bombings.

These fear based oppressors decisively decided to conceal in distant uneven regions, further convoluting the activity. The Northern Armed force Commandant has assumed responsibility for exploring what is going on at the Anantnag experience site. The Indian Armed force is utilizing state of the art innovation for observation and exact capability conveyance in extreme focus tasks.


The activity in Anantnag, continuous throughout the previous four days, typifies power and intricacy. Indian Armed force powers utilize cutting edge innovation for observation and exact strikes, underlining their obligation to uncovering illegal intimidation from the thick woods of Anantnag.

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi has gotten definite briefings from ground officers, guaranteeing the activity’s accuracy and adequacy. The experience in Anantnag keeps on testing the abilities and assurance of the security powers.


The Northern Order of the Indian Armed force took to Twitter to illuminate people in general about Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, Armed force Administrator, Northern Order, expressly administering the continuous activities in the Kokernag woods area of Anantnag.

The tenacious quest for psychological oppressors in the thick timberlands of Anantnag go on into its fourth day. Robots and helicopters are conveyed to follow and kill fear based oppressors liable for the disastrous deficiency of four security powers staff on Wednesday. Among the losses were Colonel Manpreet Singh of the Rashtriya Rifles, Major Ashish Dhonchak, Delegate Director of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Humayun Bhat, and a bold fighter.


The circumstance in Kokarnag and its environmental elements stays tense as security powers persevere in their quest for psychological oppressors. The steadfast responsibility of the Indian Armed force and the Jammu and Kashmir Police to annihilate psychological oppression from the area is apparent in their persevering endeavors. The activity is progressing, with an emphasis on guaranteeing the wellbeing of the nearby populace and reestablishing harmony to the district.


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